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  Khotin - one of the largest cities in Chernivtsi region, an important industrial, tourist and cultural center of Bukovina. His pride and glory are professors Sergey, Alex and Paul Bilozor, Sofia Lisowska, Alexandra Lopushanskaya, artist Boris Kurlikov, master basket weaving Raisa Brodovinska, Metropolitan Chisinau and all Moldova Vladimir, the first astronaut of independent Ukraine Leonid Kadenyuk. With a history Hotina floor „S associated names of many famous people Peter Graves, Stephen the Great, V. Dokuchaev, Alexander Afanasyev Chuzhbynskoho, French military engineer-Guillaume de Levessera Boplana, brothers Alexander and Ruslan Hasdeu, Russian Czars Nicholas II, the legendary General Karbesheva, and many others . In Khotyn Fortress was shot many popular films: "Adder", "Zahar Berkut", "Ballad of the valiant knight Ivanhoe, mushkyrery III, Black Arrow," "Old Castle", "Arrow Robinhuda. Among the recent - the screen version of Alexander Dovzhenko film studio works of known Ukrainian writer Yuri Mushketyka "Yassa". Given the rich historical traditions of the city, its deep historical roots in 2000 Hotine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was established historical and architectural reserve "Hotinskaya. In 2002, under the decree of President of Ukraine, 21 September ancient city identified a 1000-year anniversary
European project "Creating integrated tourist product for the development of tourism in Bukovina"
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